Q: Do you make bespoke orders?
A: Yes, this is my niche. Just send me a picture of what you had in mind, and Daniel Paul Leather will do it for you!

Q: Can you repair my granddad 1960’s favourite satchel bag?
A: Yes, I enjoy repairing old bags to their previous glory. I don’t however repair items bought from a shop in recent years. If it does not hold sentimental value, Daniel Paul Leather won’t be able to help.

Q: Can you engrave my initials on my gift?
A: Yes, Daniel Paul Leather can do this.

Q: Do you make corporate gifts?
A: Yes, Daniel Paul Leather can. We will discuss your requirements and budget and work something out for you accordingly.

Q: Can you produce large orders for my shop to resell and have my
branding on it?
A: Yes, that is what I used to do in South Africa, and Daniel Paul Leather can help you here in the UK too.

Q: Is leather sustainable?
A: Yes! If leather is being treated and stored properly, it can last you for decades to come. It is one of the most sustainable products in the world. Daniel Paul Leather’s entire ethos is based on being hand crafted and sustainable.

Q: What is the perfect gift for a man?
A: A Daniel Paul Leather wallet, satchel, or hat. Men like quality products, that shows off their endurance and strength.

Q: What does every woman want for her birthday?
A: A stunning Daniel Paul Leather handbag. You will be the happiest man in the world if you buy her a genuine Daniel Paul Ladies handbag or Tote bag.

Q: Can you make products for kids or students?
A: Yes, I make rucksacks for school children, with their names on. A Daniel Paul Leather bag is the perfect gift for their first day at Secondary School or University.

Q: Where can I buy baby leather booties?

A: I, Daniel Paul Leather create bespoke leather baby booties, for your baby’s birth or first birthday with their names on.